Login Help

Having trouble logging in? Make sure to do the following:

Login Steps:

  1. Log into Patreon on the same browser you plan to visit this site on.
  2. Click the “Login with Patreon” button in the menu of nb.tv.
  3. Accept the request by to connect via your Patreon account.
  4. Enjoy!

Common Issues (CHECK THESE)

  • You must be logged in to Patreon using the browser that you plan to log into nakedbakers.tv on.
  • You must be paying with USD. Other currencies may cause issues with the login process. You can change your currency here.
  • Your pledge is no longer active. Your pledge might need to be active in order for you to view content. You can unsubscribe at the end of the month.
  • You are not a subscriber at the right tier. Make sure to check that you are subscribed to a tier that is $10 and above.

Still not working?

Feel free to connect with me on Patreon and I will help figure it out with you. 🙂