I have two Snapchat accounts (public and private).

A Snap Archive where I save all of my private snap stories since 2017.

*new* I have an OnlyFans now too, where you can purchase individual stories from 3/2020 on.

Public Snapchat (link)

My public Snapchat account where I just post about what is going on with my day, what I am working on, and any other stuff that goes on while I work to produce Naked Bakers. Think of it as a behind the scenes production camera. However, this is the account where I follow all the rules. I don’t post nudity, or do anything that would violate the terms of Snapchat. For that, I use my Patron Only Account.

Private Snapchat (link)

The patron only Snapchat is an account that I only share with people who help fund my show (my patrons) on Patreon. That is where I post a story that embraces the casual nudity and exhibitionist aspect of my content, i.e., I post nudity there. It is a little different than my public Snapchat though. I treat it less like a behind the scenes camera and more like an actually camera. I tend to just capture videos of my normal day to day activities that take place, but in the nude. Showering, getting ready, changing, cleaning, folding clothes, etc. It is like my little voyeur cam I guess. I also make it a point now a days to snap a ton on my film days. This way, even if an episode takes a while to come out, it is at least captured here the day of. So make sure to not miss those film days.

Because I treat these snaps more like videos, I make a point to save them and make them accessible to you in my snap archive.

Snap Archive (link)

My Snap archive is a Dropbox where I store every Private Snapchat story that I have made since I started Naked Bakers back in 2017. It has too many snaps to count.

So if you are a fan of my Private Snapchat and you wanna go back and watch older snaps, or if you just wanna not worry about missing a Snapchat story, this is for you. 🙂

You get access to EVERY single snaps for one price. You don’t have to pay for them individually.

OnlyFans (link)

OnlyFans is where you can purchase my snap stories on an individual basis. I don’t have all of my snap archive there, but as of 3/19/20 I plan to start posting all new stories so they can be accessed.